Our Goals/Purpose


·       To promote learning through real-world applications of science, reading, writing, math, health, social studies, art and guidance objectives from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study  (Learn by doing!)

·       To encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and physical activity as promoted in ?Eat Smart, Move More: North Carolina?s Plan to Prevent Overweight, Obesity, and Related Chronic Diseases?  (Eat smart, move more!)

·       To increase the amount of fruits and vegetables consumed daily by our students both inside and outside school as promoted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention  (Eat more fruits and veggies!)

·       To increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of agriculture and its importance to our society  (Food does not come from a store!)

·       To learn how to conserve water intelligently while recognizing that water resources are a limited, precious commodity  (Be water-wise!)

·   To learn how to build, enhance, and protect soil intelligently while recognizing that rich topsoil is a limited, finite source (Be soil smart!)

·       To encourage home gardening through demonstrating a variety of garden types:  in-ground plots, container gardens, hanging gardens, etc.  (Everyone can have a garden!)

·       To teach food safety from seed to table.  (Be smart, eat safe!)

·       To teach students to be stewards of the community by donating extra produce to the local food pantry.  (Help others!)



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