Welcome to the WSES Garden

The Grow Zone is a 100' X 30' vegetable garden grown with organic practices.  The dream of having the garden evolved around the desire to bring the science curriculum to life for students.  As we dove deeper into the project, we found that gardening supported far more than science objectives.  In the Grow Zone, students not only learn curriculum, they also learn life skills such as healthy eating habits, responsibility, cooperation, pride in their work and an understanding of agriculture. Students have active roles in caring for their plants to help them grow to maturity and produce fruits. Our students reap the rewards of harvesting vegetables, eating the fruits of their labor, and enjoying the flowers and wildlife that come with gardening. One student put it best, "Our garden is awesome!"

Feel free to look around our website and take a moment to check out our donors and volunteers to the left of each page.  Without them, none of this would be possible.  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please contact Megan Lewis at [email protected].  Thank you!

                The Garden Committee

  • Garden Club Paperwork:  Ms. Dupree
  • Website Manager:  Ms. Lewis
  • Kindergarten Coordinator:  Tammy Dickerson
  • Produce Tasting:   Ms. Tillery
  • Food Pantry Weighing and Delivery Schedules:  Ms. Weeks
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